Cameron Village

2034 Cameron Street
Raleigh, NC 27605

Price Range

Square Footage

500 – 3,400 sqft

Active Listings in Cameron Village


A Brief History of Cameron Village

Cameron Village was started in 1947 and was actually the first planned community to be developed in Raleigh. It started when 158 acres of undeveloped land Northwest of downtown Raleigh and Northeast of NC State University, was planned to consist of shopping and housing together. By the 1950’s, Cameron Village had over 60 stores, a movie theatre and over 600 homes and apartments. While at one point Cameron Village had several parking decks, they were removed for a more “open” feel in later years.

Over the past few years, Cameron Village has seen another boost in housing with luxury apartment and the subsequent addition of more restaurants and shops.

Its Excellent Location

Cameron Village is located in between 4 thoroughfares — Wade Avenue, Oberlin Road, Clark Avenue & St. Mary’s Street. It is just Northwest of downtown Raleigh and Northeast of NC State University's main campus. It’s also very close to Meredith College and major roadways. Outside of the immediate shopping area, there are many single-family homes that line the streets within the few mile radius around Cameron Village shopping center.

What to Do

Cameron Village is loaded with boutique stores and retail franchises, along with restaurants and bars of varying style. Larger stores, such as Harris Teeter and Fresh Market, help anchor the shopping center and support the needs of the growing community.

Outside of shopping, Cameron Village is a quick walk to NC State University and Hillsborough Street, plus less then 2 miles from downtown Raleigh. Cameron Village really is one of those places that you can do it all!

Cameron Village shopping center directory map

Shopping center directory from Cameron Village shopping center

Real Estate

Cameron Village real estate is just as broad as the shopping center that supports it!

Many entry-level buyers chose to buy one of the condos or town homes that line the outskirts of Cameron Village. Some buyers chose to buy single-family houses and when they do, they have a lot of options based on price point. Many single-family homes that are typically 2 bedroom and 1 bath homes around 1,000sq.ft are usually between $200-300k.

If you need a bigger home or something newer, those options are out there too. Cameron Village has had a resurgence of renovation projects and some new construction, too, over the years. The area has great character and most of the real estate in the area has kept that intact!