5401 North

7712 N Market Dr
Raleigh, NC 27609

Price Range

Square Footage

1,600 – 4,000 sqft

Active Listings in 5401 North


5401 North

Tradition in the Modern World

Conveniently located at the I-540 and Hwy 401 exit, 5401 North embodies the concept of a connected community. Any location in Raleigh is only minutes away, and the combination of traditional and modern features of 5401 North sets a new standard for the close-knit, local community. Homes begin in the $270s and range into the $500s, making 5401 a place for everybody. Through its design, 5401 North strives to bring everyone in the community closer together. With homes priced for people of any lifestyle, this neighborhood exudes a small town feel in a modern world.

Business and Life

While 5401 North provides homes to many people, it will also serve as a thriving hub of commerce. The community will house various different office spaces and retail locations, adding to the convenience of those who choose to call it home. Those who decide to call 5401 North home will only be a short walk away from retail locations that meet all your needs. 5401 North leads the charge in pairing tradition and modernity with the Purple Martin Community Farm. Once again, the neighborhood sets a new precedent by bringing the homegrown gardening experience to all of its homeowners. Unlike many other neighborhoods, 5401 allows its owners and families to experience the joy of growing their own food.

The Total Package

5401 North is not just a neighborhood. It is a community that will enable all people to come together and live a modern lifestyle with all the benefits of traditional pastimes such as gardening and enjoying the outdoors. Whether it’s the community garden, the resort pool, the hiking and bike trails, the outdoor amphitheatre, or the picnic areas, this neighborhood brings you endless possibilities. The large front porches encourage neighborly friendships, and the open landscape allow children from all around the community to come together and enjoy their free time. The hiking and bike trails create an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and allow everyone a brief reprieve when they most need it. With schools located right in the community, families with children will truly have the opportunity to experience a local community that serves all their needs. If you are looking for a place where you can have quick access to anything you need, including other areas of the Triangle, 5401 North is the place for you!